In today’s world the business presentation has major role in developing your business. Here we are going to check how we can create best business presentations to improve your business. First of all we need to identify that how we can design business presentation and what are the influences of presentation design companies.

9 pillars of business presentations

1. Design the Cover Slide

The cover slide contains your logo, business name and a tagline. Your tagline should give insight into your company and be easy to remember. Normally we create slides by using default templates in PowerPoint or by downloading free templates then we will copy and paste our content. This is not the right way to get your audience. The default template may be seen by your audience earlier because most of the people are doing the same.

Instead of using predefined templates, we can get the help of Professional PowerPoint presentation design agencies. They will make our presentation awesome because of their professional experience. We can make our audience happy with custom business presentations. The companies like Graphicrevamp provides high quality business presentations within hours.

2. Design of Introduction and agenda

Make a systematic approach to get your audience by providing an agenda slide. Summarize all of the information before you present it, and use this opportunity to get your audience interested in your company. If you are going to design your agenda slide yourself sometimes it will not be more attractive.

Agencies uses high quality icon graphics instead of bullet points. It will help people to get an idea about what you are going to tell. So use some kind of related graphics to point out your topics.

3. Team slide design

Team intro will help you to get your investor’s attention towards your company. They are not putting money on your idea only, they’re investing money on your capability. It’s important they know the people who are going to make the concept successful.

When designing the team slide first get an idea about what are the skills that may help your company to get business. So give highly qualified persons more important. Emphasize that your team has worked together in the past or for a long period of time. 

4. Designing of analysis of industry

The industry analysis is mainly explained through graphs, pictures, videos and charts. It will be very difficult to do all of this alone. So the presentation design agencies like Graphicrevamp split the contents in modules and give o appropriate experts to complete the analysis report.

You can also try this method by doing group activities. If you are a team player ask your colleagues to research the specific topics and do the necessary.

5. Marketing/Sales design

Marketing/sales can include profiles of target customers. If you already have sales, you can discuss your growth and forecast future revenue with the help of graphics, charts and images.

As we all know this stage can be done through lots of research. Designers always put some charts and graphs to explain this. So many of them need more time to explain these analysis to audience. Instead of creating heavy complicated graphs and charts use simple explaining techniques like info graphics to explain the concept. Graphicrevamp using this technique to get the attention of audience. Creative info graphic designs will reduce the complexity of process.

6. Projections or Milestones design

The history of your company and the achievements throughout the year can be displayed in this section. Most of the people uses heavy text and images to explain their history. It’s not an effective way.

Graphicrevamp designing the history part like a story. Story telling methods are adopting to design these kind of slides. Also timeline info graphics are used instead of large heavy content. 

7. Design competition slide

Our fast growing business world is very competitive in nature. Every business has competition even if you think you’re offering something new and unique. List your competition and why your product/service is different from their model.

When designing slides likes competitions Graphicrevamp uses info graphic animations to get the attention. This will make your audience say “WOW”. Hand drawing illustrations will also help to get more attention from your audience.

8. Define and design Business Model

This is the major part of the presentation. Every businessman wants to get his money back. Show a list of the various revenue streams for your model and the timeline for each of them. If you are new in industry tell them the business plan, and it should be effective plan. If you have previous success experience, explore your experience to get their trust.

PowerPoint presentation design companies will take this slide as a core part. Here they will use their maximum effort to make the slides more attractive. Business models can be explained through videos, images, charts, graphs and info graphics.

9. Finance slide design

Finance section is a process flow chart. Where you are invested money and what you get from your investment. Process analysis charts will help to design this concept. Most commonly people will do with text. Business presentation design agencies will take text as input and produce awesome info graphics and charts


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