1. Keep Simple Design

The Microsoft power point was developed as a convenient way to display graphical information that would support the presenter and supplement the presentation. The slides themselves were never meant to be your audience. 

2. Use Less bullet points & text

The best slides may have less text at all. This may sound insane given the dependency of text slides today, but the best PowerPoint slides will be virtually meaningless with out the narration. Use less bullet points and text to feel the presentation awesome.

3. Use high-quality graphics

Use high-quality graphics including photographs & Info graphics. You can include your own high-quality infographics from  plenty of free sites. Purchase professional stock images, or use the free professional photographs from www.unsplash.com. Never simply stretch a small, low-resolution photo to make it fit your layout. 

4.Use appropriate charts

Always use charts and graphics to show your idea otherwise user attention will go somewhere.

5.Choose cool fonts for your presentation

Fonts communicate with messages in and of themselves, which is why you should choose fonts wisely. Use the proper font set throughout your entire slide presentation. Use readable fonts to convey your messages.

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